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The Perversion

Sep. 24th, 2013 07:47 pm Daddy's Little Girl.

My most recent ex was a total cum slut. The dirtier the sex or the talk during it, the harder we got off. Same goes for me, to be perfectly honest. It was one of the reasons we were very compatible sexually.  Too compatible.  Even though we broke up, I had wanted to fuck her.  Furiously.  And often.  My personal favorite fuck partner.

A favorite play time activity of ours when we were together was Daddy/daughter role play. Anytime she referred to me as Daddy or she heard baby girl, we knew that something serious was about to go down.  We also loved to talk about her fucking all of my friends with me. The more cock the better. This girl really wanted a full on gang bang (at least during talk), and we both agreed it would be sexy for me to have a cock in front of her while she was getting fucked.

Now, on a recent weekend, I was having friends over both days to play some games.  She came over the first day.  We were both drinking.   Not too heavily, I thought, but apparently she was getting a little relaxed, shall we say.  We started to IM each other on our phones back and forth during the games.  After some time, the D/d came out in chat.  The game of cat and mouse began, while games were being played around us.  Levels of teasing I had not experienced in some time escalated.  This led to the inevitable conversation of Daddy fucking his little girl’s ass, all the while cock surrounded her. 

I decided to challenge her, and suggest we do something about it.  My cock was bursting under the table, and I knew full well just how wet her pussy had to be.  We negotiated the terms. She had an almost boyfriend and by then I had a labeled girlfriend.  I didn’t care. I wanted to cover her in cum. I had to have her at least one more time.  We agreed to play if the others went to get food after the game, so I did what I could to plant that seed, so I could cover her in mine.  Soon, the others ran to get food, just as I had hoped. We figured that gave us 15 minutes or so.

We went right to the bedroom. The only rules were no fucking and no kissing.  We were each going to masturbate and just enjoy this weak moment of ours.  She took off her pants and her panties.   Immediately I could see her wet cunt as she toyed with it.  I dropped my pants, pulled out my cock (which was already glistening being covered in so much precum).  Not wanting to blow as I was beyond ready, I pumped it slowly as I got on the bed and jerked it over her. She popped out her tits for me to suck and bite. She fucking loves that, and I love what it does to her.

All the while the dirty talk is high.

“Daddy, how many friends do you want to fuck me?”

“For now, only 10, baby girl.”

“Only 10?” She pouted.

I asked if I could toy her clit with her cock and she let me.

“But don’t put it in me, Daddy.  No fucking.”

I leaned in and swallowed a nipple as I did so.
“But baby girl, don’t you want it?”

She nodded as she said no fucking again.

“Daddy is just going to slide inside now baby girl.”

“Daddy, you can't fuck me.”

“I'm not, baby girl. I just need to rest my cock.”

She gasps as I casually slide my cock into her cunt as I have done hundreds of times before.  I see the look on her face.

“Daddy, you can't fuck me.”

“But I am not baby girl.” I started to rock back and forth, sliding my cock deeper and back.  Meanwhile she is still playing with her clit and tits.

“Daddy, you can't fuck me.”

I pick up the pace a little.

“But I am not fucking you, baby girl. I'm just rubbing my cock with a toy.”  She smiled.

This goes back and forth until I just rest it deep inside her. She keeps up with the not fucking her, so I give her what she wants, and pull my cock out. During the chats, we agreed how to end it, and we knew it was time to get to it.

“Daddy, spray your cum all over your baby girl's pussy. And then clean it up.”

“Whatever my baby girl wants.”  I jerk my cock and quickly cover her cunt in my cum.  It had been ages since I had shot a load like that, and her hands and pussy were covered.  I lean over and lap up most of the cum.  She loves it when I clean up after myself.

“Swallow it, Daddy.”

I do but I remind her I was going to shove this cum in her ass. She doesn’t care. That’s my girl.  She wants me to kiss her with my cummy mouth. She sucks on my tongue, and for a lingering moment I debate just feeding her my cock.  I go back down and lift her up.  Discovering more cum down by her ass, I scoop that up with my tongue.   I plant my mouth over her ass and shove that cum covered tongue deep in her hole.  She really starts to fuck my face as she toys her clit. We love to eat each other’s ass, and this time was no different.  Time, however, was running out.   She had yet to cum and one person was back.

“Daddy shove a finger in my ass.” I slam her ass with a finger, over and over. Still not cumming.

“Daddy, give me another finger. Fuck my ass, Daddy, with your fingers so I can cum.”

“Sure thing, baby girl.”

A second finger enters her ass, and I fuck her ever harder.  Soon I can feel her ass and body clench and the release comes for her. It was strong, and to the point.  We each got what we came for.  We clean up and return to the world, my house guests none the wiser.

We had a talk afterwards.  She felt bad about it and that it could not happen again. I lied and agreed I felt the same.

After everyone left, it was late so I went to bed. Didn't bother with a shower as I was super tired.  Game day part two takes place the next day and I was a bum. No shower before people arrived.  Into the evening, the games continue.  Near the end, the current girlfriend shows up to hang out with me. The games end, and we are curled up on my couch.  After I have kissed her a few times I realized where my mouth was last and never cleaned up afterwards.  I got so hot after she left thinking about it, that I just had to cum once more thinking of Daddy’s little girl begging for her favorite cum once more.

Am I a terrible person? Yes.

But Daddy needed one last night with his little girl.

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Dec. 20th, 2012 05:20 pm Testing

I decided to check to see if there was an LJ app for my phone. Lo and behold here it is. Are any of the voyeurs still out there? Would anyone care if I posted my exploits and fantasies?


Yesterday I was very horny as I left work. On the ride home, I loaded up a porn site on the phone as I drove. The sounds of two women fucking another guy echoed and filled my car as I drove across town. I would take a careful glance a time or two, as I had placed my phone in a position to view it. My cock throbbed as I traveled, leaving me no choice but to rub it. Any time there was no one in immediate site, I stroked it through my pants, and the warmth surrounded my shaft. Many times I wanted to just take it out, to remove my erection from my pants, and wrap my fist around it as I drove. It would not had been the first time I would have done so.


Would anyone still care to read things like that? Maybe get a peak from time to time, too?

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Dec. 16th, 2008 09:57 pm

Been talking really dark and depraved fantasies with a friend. Who wants to share? I might just. :)

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Nov. 18th, 2008 05:43 pm

I have had quite the fantasy lately. Urges and desires that have been lost in me for some time, have surfaced, and I reach a boiling point, like a volcano waiting to explode. This can all be attributed to one person, my pet.

She comes into the room where I am sitting at my desk, wearing a simple tank top and just her blue none-too sexy underwear. When she wears it, however, it is incredibly sexy, but there is nothing special about it. I can tell she is excited to see me, as her perfect nipples are starting to poke through the black fabric of the shirt, or maybe she is just cold and needs my heat to keep her warm. Either way, I am glad to help her in any way I can.

We exchange a brief greeting, the kind of thing a couple does in passing, “Hey baby,” or, “Hello, lover.” That sort of thing. I can feel the heat in me rise, and before she has barely anytime to speak, I have rushed across the short distance in the room. Quickly, I grab both her wrists in each of my hand, and I slam her to the wall behind her, pinning her to it by her wrists. I slide them above her head, as I let go with my right hand, to hold both of hers in my left.

I immediately reach under and grab her pussy through her, now very moist, underwear, and I give it a good smack. Orgy’s Blue Monday kicks up on my music player on my computer, and it only furthers my drive to take her. I tease and pinch at her clit for mere moments, before I start banging three fingers in and out of her dripping hole to the rhythm of the music, a hard solid primal beat. While I am entering her from below, I start to kiss her, sliding my tongue in and out of her mouth. She tries to bite down on it, but I retaliate, gripping tighter on her wrists and biting her lip just enough to make her bleed. She knows who is control and will no longer try to take advantage.

With the taste of her blood mingling in and out of her mouths, I can no longer control my lust. I let loose my hand from her cunt, and pull my incredibly hard cock out. Without giving her time to think, I slide it into her, pinning her now from the inside at her waist, as well as her wrists above her head. A guttural growl comes forth from me and a passionate moan from her, making my insides melt, and my cock harden. I lift her legs around my waist, wrapping herself around me, allowing me to slide in deeper.

The music changes many times before the pressure from us both begins to build to an unbearable point. Her sounds and wetness are driving me crazy, forcing me into a lust-driven haze, and I can feel her begin to vibrate on top of me. The moans echo throughout the room around us, as the sound of our bodies thudding against the wall chimes in. Soon, the whole thing builds into a crescendo as she screams, cumming on top of me. The feeling of that pressure is too much, and I let loose mine, and mix it with hers.

The night has only just begun.

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Jun. 19th, 2008 03:33 pm

As always, it has been too long since I posted. I have been such a lurker/voyuer these days online. I have met someone, and she is amazing, and takes up almost all of my free time. The girl is such a nympho, and I am the one that usually has to beat her off with a stick, as opposed to me.

Just the other day, she and I wanted to go for a swim in the complex pool. The complex has two pools, with one very public by the front office in front of our gate, and that is the one we usually go to. The other is just on the other side of the access gate, across from the mail building. We opted to go to that one this time. But, for such a surprisingly public location, once you get in the pool area, and in the pool, you become invisible to the world. It was when we made this realization that we started to get pretty frisky in the pool in broad day light.

I popped her tits our of her top with one quick move. Now, she is quite endowed in her breasts, and of all the ones I have seen in my time, hers have go to be the best, period. I sucked and nibbled upon her left nipple, as she grabbed me by the hair and began to moan. I do love it so when a woman is vocal about the pleasure she is receiving or giving. After a few minutes of me sucking and fondling her tits, she straddled me in the water, legs wrapped around me, and began to suck and bite upon my neck, making it harder to stand and hold her in the water. I kept my eyes on the two gates the entire time, but thankfully, you would hear someone get near before they ever got to the gate.

Soon, I did indeed have a hard time holding her up, and removed her from my torso. Feeling the tightness in my trunks, she pulled my cock out and began to play with it. She squeezed it tightly, and began to jerk it off. My eyes rolled back into my head but only for a moment, as I still kept an eagle eye on those gates. Next thing I know, she has gone under water, and began to suck my cock into her mouth and throat. She couldn't do this for very long, but while she did, it felt amazing. Emerging from the water, covered in a fresh glisten, she told me my pre-cum tasted wonderful, and couldn't wait any long to have me in her.

She pulled her bottoms to one side, and jumped back on me, pushing my cock into her tight pussy. She held onto me as took a couple of steps forward and had her pinned against the wall of the pool. That is when I began to thrust into her, quick, hard, and deep. She grabbed the sides of the pool to brace herself and moaned louder than before. Cars brezzed by, just out of sight, and people checked their mail. And there we were in the pool, fucking our brains out, and nobody but us knew it. With her cries of pleasure, and couple a bit with the fear/excitement of getting caught, I knew I would not be able to last very long. I fucked her as hard and as fast as the water would allow, when I announced I was soon to cum. Cum in me, fucking cum, she said, and I was more than happy to appease. I grunted one final thrust, and exploded deep inside her. She cried out mightily, but I did not care if anyone heard us at this point. I rocked my cock in her for a few more strokes before pulling out. We quickly re-clothed ourselves proper, and within a few minutes, someone else had decided they wanted to go for a swim. Done with our day, we packed up, headed home, and cleaned up in a nice hot shower.

We are a bit poor, but we want to get her some sex toys, and she has discovered how much I love to have my ass played with. She has talked about getting something to use on me, as well. Time will tell, but if it happens, trust me, you all get to know about it!

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Jan. 21st, 2008 08:56 pm

Well tonight I took some photos, while in the shower... Anyone interested in seeing them?

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Dec. 26th, 2007 07:47 pm

Well I think I should put something in here. My love life has not been something I have had time to focus on recently, so let me dig back a couple of months to a recent story. I was at one of my many conventions I work, the one from the previous year if you recall. It was the last night, and I had been drinking and flirting a lot with someone I had met. She did not pan out, and had to head back to her room, sadly. We're friends now, but I digress. I was left feeling a little frustrated because I spent so much time hanging out with her, the night was almost over and I really wanted to vent some of my built up tension.

One of my fellow staff members comes up to me, and with him is this girl wearing this hot little red number, (think flapper, but practically naked, really, what with the red fishnets and corset). They were friends and she was hanging out with him because there wasn't much left to do at that hour. He still has some work to do, so I offer up some of the drink I have on me, and we decided to hang out the rest of the night. We make with the drink, and soon start making with the friendly, basic groping and kissing. She needs to go smoke, so we head out to her car parked a block away to pick some up, continuing with the "friendliness" once we get out there. We enjoy a smoke each, and head back inside.

I take her to one of the closed down ballrooms, because I have access to practically every space in the hotel, and we start some serious fondling now. Naturally, I am wearing my kilt, and of course I am wearing it proper, without any undergarments. I tackle her to the floor in the darkness and toy with her. Pinning her down, I assualt her neck, nibbling and sucking from ear to shoulder. I reach back with one hand, still holing her down with the other, and begin to massage her pussy through her underwear. I discover its quite the mess down there and continue rubbing it, increasing the friction, practically finger-fucking her through her panties.

By this point I have leaned back in, and we kiss with quite the fire. I remove my hand from her wetness, and slide myself down a bit, lining my now extremely hard cock up with her entrance. I toy at it, teasing her with it, when we start to hear this sound. It takes us a second, and we correctly identify it as someone snoring. Wow, there has been someone else in this room the entire time, sleeping. That kind of thing never bothers me, really, but we both had a good laugh at it. We tried to keep going for a little bit, but we kept laughing at the sound. Soon, we heard the person that belong to aforemention noise start to stir and wake up, so we quickly head out the door into the hall. We make our way back to my hidden nook, as I don't have an actual room. With my job, I sleep near my equipment, and so I have this well hidden cot in a quiet little room next to my work station.

We go in there, shut the lights off, close the door, and quickly go back to business. I throw her down, practically the same as we were before. My grip is tight, as I continue to tease her hole with my erection, I am biting her lower neck line and shoulders. I lean down, and with one hand pop a nipple out of her top and begin to suck on it, scraping it not-so-lightly with my teeth, and flicking it quickly with my tongue. She turns out to be quite the moaner, and that kind of thing only encourages me. I love the sounds of a woman getting off. Part of the reason I enjoy phone sex. Usually I am telling them what to do to themselves, and I get to hear them get off while making a huge mess of myself. Back to the story at hand.

After alternating between her nipples, neck, mouth, and ears, I release my grip and pull her on top of me, lining her pussy up with my face so she can ride it. I pin her legs down over my shoulders, and force her to force her cunt into my mouth as I begin to lap furiously. I reach down with one hand, to stroke my cock while I eat her, and with the other hand slide a finger or two in her. I suck on her folds, fuck her with my tongue, and nibble on her clit. She rides above me, the mess of a woman, and soon starts to cum for the first time. What makes this one interesting is she turns out to be a squirter and cums all over my face and down my throat. She wails a bit, and bucks against my face while she rides not only me but the orgasm. This continues for a lot longer than I had anticpated, and I help her achieve a few more orgasms right there.

I throw her off, back to her back, and slide on a condom. I take her by her throat, and as her mouth opens to try and breath in air, I slide my cock down into her throat, and without any hesitation begin fucking her face. I can feel/hear her moan around my shaft as she reaches down to play with herself. I pull out every now and then just long enough to let her breath, and force my way back into her mouth. After about twenty minutes of choking her, and fucking her face, I decide it is time to move southbound. Deftly, I slide my body into position, roll her up a bit, and penetrate her in one swift motion. With no time to react, all she can do is moan a sigh of satisfaction as she is now filled. I waste no time and begin to pound as hard and as fast as I can to keep her surprised. I reach back up and choke her, while grabbing a handful of hair with the other hand, snapping her neck back.

I slow the pace down a bit because I was dangerously close to cumming, and did not want to yet. I released all of my grips, and brought her to her knees, and forced her face back onto my cock for a few moments, before finishing the move and rolling her over. Her ass now positioned nicely in the air, I kneeled behind her, and slid right inside her cunt with no resistance. She was quite wet, but still retained the perfect tightness. I grabbed her waist and slammed mine into hers, causing her to gasp, only to pull back slowly, to the tip of my penis, and repeat the process a number of times. Soon, enough was had and I grabbed her by the hair once more (seeing as how I really love this and so did she), snapped the neck back, and reached around to continue choking her. All the while I am pounding into her, making her cry out but my hand around her neck is making her noise subdued.

At this point I am giving her everything I have left in me and bring myself to the edge once more. Again, howe'er, I pull myself out before I do. I lay back, release my grip and instruct her to sit on top me of. One the way she gives me quite the lick from base to tip, and expertly hops on. She kicks it into a high speed, and rides me. I have found that as long as I am on bottom, not forcing the motions, I can prolong my orgasm for quite some time. So there she was, her turn to pound me, and you better believe she did. I could feel her cum another time while she was up there, her juices squirting out of her and all over me, while I reached up from my lazy position and fondled her ever bouncing breasts.

After she stopped herself, I took advantage and threw her back on her back, and lifted her legs over my shoulders, one of my favorite positions. I slipped my cock back inside her, grabbed her by the feet and spread her back and out, using them as leverage to bounce into her harder and faster. By this point she is quite audible and I am far from caring because my goal now is to cum. I find myself nearing the edge, and let her know it would be soon, and she starts telling me, begging me to cum. I, of course, am only happy to oblige and push myself over, and fill the condom to capacity. We finish riding the waves, I dispose of the condom, and we curl up on this tiny one person cot together to sleep the couple precious hours we have until the day has to start.

Afterwards, I discovered that practically everyone still awake and in the back ballroom (where the stage is hidden from public eye) heard her the entire time, and kept yelling at me to hurry up and finish her off. Heh, I had no clue, as she was quite vocal at times. Later that afternoon, I run into one of my staffers, and he asks me, "Was that you in the dark ballroom last night?" To which my only reply was, "Were you the one sleeping in there? Ha. Sorry about that." We had a good joke about it, and went on to our jobs. I hope this story was good enough to fill in the down time of not posting, but as I have said life has been busy, and is looking up. What can I say, Atlanta is a helluva town.

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Aug. 4th, 2007 01:51 am

I know, I am a horrible updater.  Life has just been interesting this past year, and I think I have some good tales to tell.  Anyone still interested?

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Sep. 9th, 2006 02:11 pm

Been thinking of posting some photos... anyone interested?

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Sep. 5th, 2006 03:42 pm

I have been out of town for a number of days.  So, I apologize for not keeping up to date wth your journals.  But, as a form of payment, I return with a small, but fun, story.  I was attending a convention this past week.  Everywhere I went, amongst thirty thousand people, I always ran into the same girl.  She had long wavy hair, glasses, and looked amazing.  So, the last night came, and of course I ran into her.  She offered a seat next to her, which I took.  In return, I offered some of the drink that I had.  It being a legendary drink at the Con, she instantly loved it, and soon we had finished what I had on me.

We then went to the area in which I work, to obtain more.  We really just wanted to sit back and relax, away from every one, and went down this secret hallway to a balcony over looking a main room.  The lights were off, and there were few people there.  It was a nice and secluded location.  So we continue to drink, and finally the moment comes where we begin to kiss.  Right off, I could tell you this was a girl who knew what she wanted, and told me so with her tongue.  It was only a matter of time before our hands were wandering each others bodies.  Her tits, while not very large, felt wonderful to my touch, as did her nipples, when I began to pinch them, releasing very audible sighs.  To those that know me best, know that nothing gets me more rock hard than the sound of a woman in pleasure.

Contiuning to suck on her nipples, my hand found its way to her pants, and slid its way inside.  There, I was met with the softest of hair that directed to me to her wonderful pussy.  My fingers slid down, to discover it was extremely wet, and awaiting me.  Instantly, I slid a finger, then two, inside her, causing more audible reactions.  At this point, her hands began their wandering.  I had been wearing a kilt, the right way naturally, and so she was quick about finding my very hard cock with her hands.  She pumped it slowly, at first, as my fingers wiggled in and out of her.  Sadly, she didn't feel up to stroking my dick for very long, and I soon found myself engulfed in her mouth, where I then proceeded to recieve a grade A blow job.

Now, a lot of you guys out there might be taken aback by this, but she used her teeth, and in the right amounts, it can be bliss.  Needless to say that this, was very very blissful.  After enjoying myself for a good while, I was able to slide her out of her pants, so that I could only return the favor.  Her pussy just tasted devine with all the juices that had already come forth.  I focused on sucking her clit, while fingering her, with a little nibble here and there.  The sounds the came forth, were amazing, as I feasted upon her.

Not too long of being down there, and bringing more joy to her life, she pulled me back up so she could suck my cock, but instead, I pulled her ass over my face, and we tried to suck the life out of one another.  It was a perfect circle of pleasure for the two of us.  Sounds of moaing, sucking, and ass smacking echoed through.  The entire time she sucked me cock during this, her fingers crept towards my ass, but never once did more than creep.  Soon there after we flipped over and debated fucking, but as I didn't have a condom (I cannot believe I forgot to stash some) and we had only been recent acquantances, we opted to just fool around more.

Wet humping, and more fondling then followed, when I pushed her off of me and fed her my cock once more.  She pulled me all the way into her throat, and her hands found their way behind me once more, only this time, they did not stop.  She sucked me fast, and hard, and slid a finger right into my ass and proceeded to fuck me from both ends.  A lot of guys won't admit it, but I love it when this is done to me.  Fast, and furiously, he finger pounded into me as my cock pistoned in and out of her mouth and throat.

Eventually, we had to come to an end, because at this point it was seven-thirty in the morning and people were starting to filter into the room for the events of the day.  So, we decided to close up shop, so to speak, and head out.  I walked her back to her room, and we parted ways.  The next time I saw her, was in the very same room were we had our good times above.  We just smiled at each other, and exchanged numbers.  I am down that way semi-often.  Who knows, maybe we can finish what we started?

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May. 2nd, 2006 03:12 am

Anyone out there wondered where I have been?  Life is what it is, and what happened this past weekend, is nothing less that spectacular.

The Bitch, The Slut, and The FriendCollapse )

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Jan. 31st, 2006 11:19 pm

It has been awhile since you all have last heard from me.  Nothing too much in the sexual exploits of my life that deems itself worthy.  Though, it has been almost a month since I last found myself inside a vagina, a mouth, or a hand other than my own.  I was involved with this woman, right after new years.  We only had sex twice, but let me say this.  That girl, fucked like a porn star.  The last time we had sex, I forget specifically how it started.  We were making out, sucking upon the other's tongue, and nibbling on necks.  I found myself getting pushed back onto the bed and stripped.  Very soon after the clothing was removed, I found my cock enveloped in her delicious mouth.  She had three piercings in her tongue, and she knew exactly how to use them all.  I wriggled under her, moaning and cursing in satisfaction.  My fingers curled into her hair.  She was rare to be in control, so I was not about to stop her.  Her oral skills were sublime.

Soon, she couldn't take any more, and positioned herself over me, and aimed her now dripping wet pussy for my cock.  She squated over me, and slid around me.  I was a perfect fit inside her, we always said.  And it was true.  Never have I felt a pussy that felt more like home.  She soon began pounding into me without mercy.  Her hands braced upon her kness, she fucked me from above, while all I did was lay there and enjoy the sights, sounds, and sensations.  After a good while, she had tired herself out, and it was my turn to take the reigns.  I instantly threw her down into the bed face first and rolled myself from under her, to behind her.  I grabbed her hips, and buried my cock deeper withing her nether regions.  She cried out my name, and I gave her almost everything I had.  I found myself nearing orgasm very soon, and pulled out.

I rolled her over, and began feasting upon her delicious pussy.  I love it, eating a girl out.  I found myself focusing on her clit, and there I was, fingering her and sucking her, for a good fifteen minutes before she said stop.  She wanted to get off for me, and me being a voyuer was all about it.  I inserted my cock in her vagina, and leaned back so it pressed against the underside of her clit.  She reached down and began to play with herself, rubbing her clit.  After a good fifteen minutes of this, I could feel her tighten around me as her orgams took her.  Again, she cried out.  As soon as she was done, she pushed me back and began jacking me off.  I enjoy a good hand job, but I wanted to return the favor.  So I pushed her back, and mounted her stomach, my dick point out over her tits.  I took myself in hand, and began to furiously pump it for her.  I wanted nothing more than to cum all over her, and she began pinching her nipples in anticipation.  Within minutes, the cum sprayed forth from my shaft, and covered her chest and small breasts.  I pumped it for a few strokes after I had shot my last dropped, and then layed right on top of her.  My cum no covered both our chests, and we lay there, catching our breaths.

Sadly, that was the last time we, and I, had sex.  I seriously hope one day her and I can again.  Maybe someone else in the local area would be interested?  Who knows.  All I know is right now it has been almost a month, and I really, really need to get my rocks off with some help from someone.

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Dec. 8th, 2005 06:20 am

It has been too long truly since I have written here...

Halloween EvilsCollapse )

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May. 18th, 2005 08:54 am

Wow it has been some time since I have actually updated this. I have perused the list on many occasion, and on every one found my hand and body covered in that sessions cum. I recently found, in a long time friend, amazing sex. There was nothing but total domination on my part, at her request. She wanted to be used, and she was as a few times I doused her with my cum. In her ass, and the final time all over her face and in her mouth. She was a wanton slut, and begged for more. As she was leaving, I bent her over, door open, and took my cock out and forced it down her throat, and then teased it at the entrance to her ass for some more. Then I smacked her on her ass, and told her that was all for now, to not expect everything the first time. Yes, it was just what I needed. But, now I need more. Not from her, per se, (gods would I love to) but possibly some other willing slut to help me remove the cum from my cock, now that, that would truly be sublime! Here is to another day! You know where to find me, don't you?

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Dec. 11th, 2004 04:14 pm

I find myself in certain situations with various women. These days it seems to be girls I have met on the net. I used to meet girls online, call them, and have them cum for me over the phone while i sat there, stroking my cock, listening to them and instructing them on what to do. It was a total power thing. I was making this woman/girl cum from hundreds of miles away, while all I had to do was sit here and stroke my own. I have one girl right now, that I am stroking off for on my yahoo cam every now and then. If you have a yahoo account and you think youd might like to watch me sometime let me know, I am having a fun time with it. One time I had her on the phone while I did it on the cam, and there were other people around the house, just not around her, while I did it. I love to tease, it gets a girl so wet when you toy with them. Not in a manipulative way, mind you. It has been some time since my last confession here, and it has been sometime since I have gotten laid. Now, more than ever, I need to get my rocks off, and hopefully find someone that is going to let me cum all over her face, so I can see it drip down, and onto her tits, while she sits there and rubs it in while I loom above her with my throbbing cock in hand. Yeah, good times, I think I am going to go now, you know what to do if you wanan see...

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May. 20th, 2004 09:58 pm New Journies

Recently a woman has come into my life, and she is just kick ass. She is an actress and I met her at a job I used to do, and there we formed a friendship, and one night, this past Saturday, we got closer. I had known since the start she had a guy, but she never once stopped me or slowed down herself. She left a party early, one in which she was with her boyfriend, to track me down online, then call me. We get to know each other better and find out we share the exact same interests, sexual and non-sexual.
She, too, is into rough, hard fucking, and every other detail I do. She swore up and down that she would not have phone sex with me, and I wasn't even trying. We were just that turned on. Six hours into it she gets me to take my cock and and convinces me to stroke it for her. Same time, shes rubbing herslef, making her clit swell with pleasure, and getting extremely wet, extremely turned on. She begs me to fuck her hard, and I tell her how I'd make her scream. Yes, she is a screamer. I am a huge audiophile, and nothign gets me off faster or better than listening to a woman moan and scream. Finally after about 10 minutes of good solid stroking, and to her encouragements, she gets me off. I had never been that hard before, ever, no joke. I was so hard it hurt, until I took it out and dealt with it. I want this girl, really bad, and not just physically. But I cannot bring myself to actually do anythign with her until she leaves the other guy. I think it is the same for her. Trust me, I will have my fair share of fanatasies to share, and when it happens I am going to going into detail there. I just want to grab her, throw her down onto the floor, and just pound away, pulling her hair, choking her, making her cum, 3 or 4 times per session, she says. Ok, I need to make myself cum now, cya.

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Apr. 12th, 2004 03:47 pm Phones and Pictures

So I am talking onlien to this girl I have known for years online. She was originally from my town but moved away before we met. We used to often call each other and have phone sex. Talking sexually and moaning until each of us came. Usually it was me telling her what to do, how she was going to make herself cum. We havnt been able to do these things lately. Even when I was dating the last girl, which lasted for a couple of years, we would still make each other cum over the phone. The bond was just too strong to walk away from, and both of us are just too damned horny all the time. Yes, I am 22, and the urges of my teen years might not be the same, but damned if when I think about her I dont walk around with a perpetual hard on. Right now, shes taking some nude shots of herself for me (i hope she will let me post them fo rthe world to see, shes fucking gorgeous), and i dont think my cock has ever been so hard and ready to fuck her in my life. She only lives a couple hours away, but we both have had various reason why we have yet to meet up. It is getting to a point though where I am not sure how much more I can wait. We are both single, and both ready to fuck the living hell out of each other. It is because of her I have taken nudes of myself. One day I will post them. They are already on the net, just a couple of people know the address though. Right now, I really need to cum, cum on her, in her, cover her face, her tits, her ass, her pussy, cover her completely in my cum. I am hoping in a few I can call her and we can get each other off. Gods...I havnt been this horny in ages...

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